2021.08.08 (Sun)  12:20

Dear customers

Business hours after 8/17

11: 30-14: 30 (Last order 14: 00)

Advanced booking only please.  We will be operating single-handed so there may be some delays in serving.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Take-out orders will be prepared in sequence, so there might be some waiting involved.  

Please note that we cannot always respond immediately, especially if there are pizzas in the oven. 

We may also close shop early if we run out of pizza dough (we prepare all of it fresh every day).


Take-out baking times

11: 30-12: 00

14: 00-14: 30

You may order by phone.  We will stop taking orders when we reach our predetermined daily quota of orders.   


Eating and drinking time in the store

12: 00-14: 00

2 seats x 2

4 seats x 1

We accept reservations during the above times.  You may be assigned a specific timeframe depending on the number of people.

Please note that we may not be able to accept take-out orders within the above time.


We are reducing the number of seats with the purpose of preventing the spread of Covid-19.